Revolutionary Energy Efficiency for Peak Equipment Performance

Save up to 7.5% energy and increase equipment efficiency by up to 10%. Extremely durable with robust performance specs, our proprietary coating technology optimises your power supply, reduces energy costs, and minimises your environmental impact.


Cable power losses or power drops happen when flowing current causes conductor resistance heating.

Applying EF-OPTIMA on electrical distribution boards, chillers, and motor termination boards minimises the resulting energy loss. It also improves equipment load efficiency and suppresses EMI or Electro Magnetic Interference at breaker contact points—reducing energy consumption without reducing output.


Up to 7.5% Increase in Energy Savings

Reduces EMI and cable power loss

Up to 10% Increase in Equipment Efficiency

Improves equipment efficiency and lifespan

Highly Customisable

Can be formulated to work with any surface


Withstands higher temperatures, abrasion or vibration, and general weathering

No Need to Modify Equipment

Does not harm machinery nor affect daily operations

No Maintenance Cost

Application is once a year and does not need downtime or hot work

Our Process

This no downtime, hassle-free application will not disturb your existing equipment setup.

Step 1
Pre-Treatment Evaluation and Establishment of Baseline

We will observe onsite and advise which equipment should be coated. We will also demonstrate EF-OPTIMA’s effectiveness and analyse pre-treatment energy performance.

Step 2
Application of Coating

Treatment is simple and straightforward and requires only 1 to 2 hours.

Step 3
Curing Period

Effects are immediate after curing. While this process takes 2 to 3 weeks, it does not affect daily operations.

Step 4
Post-Treatment Evaluation and Establishment of Baseline

We will establish post-treatment energy patterns to evaluate coating efficacy. A full report will be submitted to you.



Semiconductors, etc.

Power Plants

Waste Management Plants

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