The World’s First Coating Formulation with Reso-Charged™ Technology

Keep any surface safe with Q.ION™. Our proprietary antimicrobial coating is highly effective, long-lasting, and can be applied to any material, allowing you to redefine performance and explore possibilities for a safer, greener world.





Purifies air

Why Q.ION™

Eliminates more than 97% of bacteria and microorganisms within 50 mm of the coated surface

The powerful double killing action of Q.ION™ destroys microbe DNA and RNA and damages pathogen cell membranes while Reso-Charged™ Technology eliminates bacteria even without contact.

Kills more than 99% of bacteria and pathogens within 5 mins—including coronavirus, SARS-cOv-2 , Poxvirus, E.coli, S.Aureus and more

Q.ION™ effectively eliminates and repels airborne allergens such as pathogens, odour, bacteria, viruses, mould, and fungi.

Tested and Proven

Read our lab reports that show how Q.ION™ makes the world safer, one surface at a time.


Lab Test

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Tech Test Report

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Coronavirus 043

(CoV-O43) Lab Test

Test method: ISO 21702:2019

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Acute Oral Toxicity

Test Report

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Skin Irritation

Test Report

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Eye Irritation

Test Report

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Rexvirus (Vaccinia)

Test Report

Test Method: EN14476:

2013+A2:2019 (E)

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Durability Test

Report: Aging Test

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