Q.ION™ Negative Ion Coating

Dual Action Formulation That Improves Health and Air Quality

This coating innovation delivers standout performance in two ways. First, it effectively repels and eliminates airborne and surface pathogens, keeping high touch surfaces free of dust, bacteria, viruses, and mould or fungi.

This amazing innovation also purifies air. Used on air conditioning handling units and fan coils, QNI creates an indoors as fresh as the great outdoors.

Made with Far Infrared tech and our proprietary Reso-Charged Technology™, QNI delivers these incredible benefits from 30-50 mm away. What’s more, QNI can be applied on anything: furniture, carpets, bedding, and clothing—even personal items like socks and underwear.


Purifying QNI prevents disease and harmful infections from circulating, while antimicrobial and anti-microorganism properties inhibit bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Its therapeutic benefits include inhibited carcinogenesis, reduced allergy symptoms, enhanced blood circulation and metabolism, and improved psychological health.


Highly Customisable

Works with any raw or finished material

Fast Acting

Faster than alcohol or other disinfectants

Safe for All

Non-toxic, child-safe

Long-Lasting and Effective

Negative ion count stays high for 1 year even after washes

Tested and Proven

Rigorously lab-tested




Aircon Servicing, General Cleaning companies, etc


Material Science




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Antimicrobial Sanitiser

An antimicrobial sanitiser that is non-toxic, alcohol-free, child-friendly and gentle on the skin. THe only variations available for or 24hours. Can use anytime and anywhere with no dosage limit.

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Antimicrobial Spray

An antimicrobial spray that is non-toxic, alcohol-free, child-friendly and highly effective against pathogens. 2 variations available: 180 days and 90 days.

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Surface Treatment

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Antimicrobial Surface Treatment

Effective up to 12 months on surface per applications, effective for eliminating pathogens, gentle to skin and non-irritant, 100% water-based, high flexibility as customisable for case basis and upon customer’s requirement

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