Q.ION™ Negative Ion Coating

Effective and Durable Protection for High Touch Surfaces

All it takes is a single coat of our proprietary coating technology to protect surfaces from pathogens for up to one year.

While other antimicrobial products need to be reapplied every three months, QAC is applied annually and remains at peak effectiveness throughout the year

QAC works well with everyday surfaces, no matter the texture or material—from walls, floors, carpets, and keyboards, to doorknobs, handrails, toilet seats, faucets, even urinals—anything that can benefit from effective antimicrobial action.


Antimicrobial QAC disinfects, deodorises, and prevents the growth of mould, bacteria, and viruses.

QAC is self-activating—it does not require a trigger agent to kill microorganisms for up to a year.


Highly Customisable

Can be formulated to work with any surface

Highly Effective

Kills more than 99% of bacteria and pathogens


Conveniently needs only 1 application a year

Safe for All, Even on Kids’ Products

100% water-based, non-toxic, does not irritate eyes and skin

Fast Response

Kills pathogens within minutes of contact

Tested and Proven

Rigorously lab-tested


Aircon Servicing

Cleaning Industries

Property Management





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Antimicrobial Sanitiser

An antimicrobial sanitiser that is non-toxic, alcohol-free, child-friendly and gentle on the skin. THe only variations available for or 24hours. Can use anytime and anywhere with no dosage limit.

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Antimicrobial Spray

An antimicrobial spray that is non-toxic, alcohol-free, child-friendly and highly effective against pathogens. 2 variations available: 180 days and 90 days.

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Surface Treatment

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Antimicrobial Surface Treatment

Effective up to 12 months on surface per applications, effective for eliminating pathogens, gentle to skin and non-irritant, 100% water-based, high flexibility as customisable for case basis and upon customer’s requirement

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